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Maps of the Middle East for Lexus vehicles

We are pleased to inform that is ready to offer maps of the Middle East for Lexus vehicles for the first time! The update is intended for MicroSD-based…

Lexus issued a TSB for vehicles with navigation software issues

We'd like to inform our clients that there are software issues observed on some Lexus models with external navigation units (Lexus Navigation 13CY / 15CY). The…

New 2018 v2 updates have been released

We're happy to announce that all 2018 v2 updates for Toyota and Lexus navigation systems have been received and are available on The price…

New maps for Toyota-Lexus GEN8/9 MicroSD have been released

We are happy to announce that the new version 2018 v2 for Lexus Premium Navigation (13MM/15MM) and Toyota Touch Pro v2 systems with MicroSD slot has been released…

New releases and special discount

The new map release 2018-2019 v2 for Toyota and Lexus is coming in October. And right before that we have to offer you something special. We launch a 20% off sale…

New 2018 maps for GEN8/9 with MicroSD

Now we have the latest map update for Lexus Premium Navigation (13MM/15MM) and Toyota Touch Pro v2 systems with MicroSD slot. Version: 2018-2019 v1. Map…

Toyota Touch 2018 update is out (2018 v1)

A new software update for Toyota Touch 1/2 systems is now available! With this new update you can know that you have the latest information available for your Toyota…

Lexus Navigation map update price decreased

We are happy to announce that Lexus Navigation 13CY / 15CY map update price has been decreased from $119 to $99!

Happy New Year 2018

Dear customers and partners! Thank you for your business in 2017. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals. We are grateful for good customers like…

20% off all services

From December 8 through January 15, everything is sale priced more than ever. There's 20 percent off all USB updates for Toyota and Lexus vehicles! Just take a look! Toyota…


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