About ToyotaMAPS.online

Here on toyotamaps.online you can easily find and purchase the map update for your factory-installed navigation system. All updates come with an activation code and installation instructions.

We offer map update solutions for the following generations of Toyota & Lexus navigation system:

  • GEN5 EU TNS510/350
  • GEN6 EU (08HDD)
  • GEN7 EU (11HDD / EMVN / Toyota Touch Pro)
  • Toyota Touch & Go, Touch & Go+, Touch 2 with Go, Touch 2 with Go+
  • GEN8 EU v1 (Lexus 13CY / EMV-N)
  • GEN8 EU v2 (Lexus 15CY / EMV-N)
  • GEN8 EU v1 (Lexus 13CY Premium Navigation with MicroSD / EMVN)
  • GEN9 EU v2 (Lexus 15CY Premium Navigation with MicroSD / EMVN)
  • GEN9 EU (Toyota Touch Pro v2 with MicroSD / 15CY)

Payment Terms

We currently only accept PayPal payments worldwide. PayPal allows secure payment with your PayPal account or debit/credit card. After receiving the order form we will send you the invoice. 

Partner Program

We offer special conditions for our partners: car services, auto parts stores, car technicians, etc. Special prices, shortest delivery time, free consultations. To apply mail us.

Customer support

We provide technical support for all map update services within 14 days from the date of the purchase, as well as free consulting support by phone and email. These conditions apply to services only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Discounts for regular customers

We do offer discounts for returning customers: we give a 30% discount for each subsequent purchase made within a year (applies to services only).

Also don't forget to check our blog section, where we offer promotional sales and discounts from time to time.

Awesome features
that we offer

Latest Maps

We offer new maps as soon as they come out: while the dealer still offers you an update with 2016-2017 maps, we are ready to offer the latest 2017-2018 maps.

Truly Convenient

No more visits to your dealer, no more pricey updates, no more waiting. Just find the update you need, buy it, download it and launch it right in your car.

Best Price

We have the best prices for the navigation updates that you can buy online. More than that you'll get 30% off your next order if you make a purchase within a year.

Genuine Updates
for the best price

Quality Services

All software updates are based on official data received from Toyota official representatives in Europe, which guarantees their authenticity and applicability for modern Toyota and Lexus cars.

We also offer original components (navigation units, HDDs, etc.) to restore the navigation system's functionality or to update the maps and software by replacing the media.

All ToyotaMAPS customers receive guaranteed support on any issues related to the after-sales operation and maintenance of the navigation system.


We offer latest Toyota and Lexus Map Updates with Activation Codes



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