Terms and Conditions

Thank you for taking the time to review the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before ordering LUXNAVI services and items offered on this website.

1. Scope

1.1. These are the purchase and usage terms and conditions applicable to the purchase and use of any product (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) purchased from LUXNAVI, a company incorporated under Georgian law (hereinafter referred to as “Operator”) on toyotamaps.online and its subdomains (hereinafter referred to as “Site”).
1.2. Approving and sending your order constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set forth hereinafter.
1.3. Personal data of the Customers are processed in accordance with our data protection policy that can be found at the following link: Privacy Info.

2. Contact Data of the Operator

Name: Individual Entrepreneur Valeri Levicki
Legal Address: N07, Street 07, Varkhani village, Adigeni district, Georgia
Entered into the trade registry held by the LEPL National Agency of Public Registry
Registration ID: 322747783
Customer service: +1 (631) 440-33-09
Management: +995 597 235 769
E-mail: toyotamapsonline@gmail.com

3. Definitions

Agreement: has the meaning given to it in Section 4.5 located below.

Business Day: means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or other day on which banks are authorized or required by law to close in Georgia in case of payment of money, in the country where the bank of the obligee is situated.

Compatibility: means that Products are able to properly function (install, run, display) on the Device and interoperate with the Software. Operator performs reasonable efforts to provide Customer with all necessary information regarding Compatibility when offering the Product. Additional Compatibility requirements (if any) may also be displayed for each Product on the detailed Product description pages.

Consumer: a natural person that is acting for purposes outside their trade, profession or business activity.

Content: means (but not limited to) maps, points of interest, 3D content, voices, language files and other navigation related data, content or information that can be uploaded on your Device and used with your Software.

Customer: means any User who sends a purchase order for Updates, Devices, or Services on the Site. The Customer is referred in these Terms and Conditions as „Customer” or „You”.

Customer Support: means a service provided by the Operator or its subcontractor to Customers via web interfaces.

Device: means car multimedia and navigation systems, accessories and other navigation-capable devices, such as personal navigation devices (also called as PND or PNA), including SD cards and other storage media.

Electronic Download: means that Products are delivered to the Customer by making a download link available to the Customer.

EULA: means the license terms set out in the standard end user license agreement of the Operator.

Coupon Code: means an alphanumeric code which provides certain degrees of discount for specific Products. Codes may be provided at the time and manner advertised by the Operator or may be granted by Customer Support (within Customer Support’s sole discretion). Codes may have a validity period defined by the Operator. Valid Coupon Code redemptions are handled during the purchase process, and the discount is reflected in the total payable amount. The degree of discount and the time of validity might be different for each Coupon Code.

Product: means Software, Updates, Devices and Services as may be offered from time to time on the Site or in the local stores.

Payment Processing Service: means the third party payment processing service which provide Operator with the ability to accept payments on the Site. 

Right: the right of the Customer to download the files pertaining to the Product and getting a license to use the Product in the event that the delivery performed by the Operator is done electronically.

Services: mean other information services that are related to Updates or Devices in any way and offered by the Operator and third-party suppliers.

Software: means the multimedia and navigation software running on your Device.

Site: means the web portal accessible on the internet address toyotamaps.online and on any of its subdomains.

Operator: means the business organization defined in Chapter 2 of these Terms and Conditions.

Update: means an update of Content and Software supplied by the Device manufacturer or Software developer, which provide additional features, new Content versions, or fix known Software problems.

User: means any person viewing or using the Site.

4. General conditions

User account

4.1. A variety of Products may be acquired on the Site for different Devices, such as Software, Software Updates, updates of the Content installed on your Device. Products available for your specific Device and their description are displayed on the Site. Product selection can be done by the User alone or through Customer Support. 

Certain Site  functions may require creation of a User account. In such cases, only Users who have previously created a User account on the Site and are logged in may acquire these Products or Services.

4.3. In order to create a User account, it is required to complete the registration process by providing the Operator with current, complete and accurate information as prompted by the applicable registration form. The User has the possibility to correct any typo, erroneous input or outdated information in their User account. Please note that as your e-mail address was used to create your User account it cannot be changed or modified following registration. The User is responsible for any damages originated from false or faulty submissions. Operator is entitled to delete the false or faulty registrations, and in case of any doubt it is entitled to check the authenticity of the User, in accordance with and as allowed by the applicable legal provisions.

4.4. The terms and conditions related to the opening of the User account are regulated by the Terms of Use of the Site.

Order and Agreement

4.5. By verifying and sending an electronic order via the online shop of the Site, You – as a Customer – send an offer to the Operator to buy the Product(s) or Service(s) listed in your order, such offer being subject to acceptance by the Operator.

The Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions and sends its order after verifying and approving the order data. Thereafter the Customer may proceed to perform payment.

Operator will send you an e-mail confirmation containing the details about your order and payment, which shall be regarded as acceptance of your offer and payment by the Operator. Only upon such acceptance is the agreement concluded (hereinafter: “Agreement”). Your order and payment are irrevocable until payment is confirmed and a positive decision is made on your order. The Operator reserves the right to reject any order, in which case the payment is returned to the Client. If your order is not confirmed by payment within 48 hours after submitting the order form, you are not entitled to further processing of the order by our customer service team.

4.6. The present Terms and Conditions in force at the time You consented to them will be applicable to your order and shall form part of the Agreement concluded between You and the Operator. Before your next order, the Operator may have updated the Terms and Conditions without notice to You. Please be sure to review the current Terms and Conditions each time you visit the Site. We recommend that you save or print a copy of the Terms and Conditions for your future reference and use in connection with your order.

4.7. The Agreement does not qualify as an agreement concluded in written form. Parties exclude the possibility for either party to put unilaterally the terms of the Agreement in a written form after the conclusion of the Agreement and amending and/or supplementing the Agreement with any further terms even if not qualifying material terms. A copy of the order accepted by the Customer by sending the order and proceeding for payment is archived with the actual order or transaction. The Customer can recover it on the transaction history page while being logged into the Payment Processing Service.

4.8.  The Operator is not subject to any code of conduct, code of practice or to any code agreed by self-governing bodies or non-governmental organizations.

5. Purchases of Products and Services

5.1. Any Product or Service that is made available for purchase and any Content that can be downloaded on the Site is the copyrighted work or other intellectual property of the Operator and/or its suppliers and Operator and/or its suppliers reserve all rights not explicitly granted in these Terms and Conditions.

5.2. When you acquire a Product, you are actually acquiring a license to use the relevant Software, Update or Content or a right to use the Services rather than acquiring the relevant Product itself. Update, Content, Software licenses and the provision of Services acquired through the Site are subject to the end user license terms as specified in Chapter 14 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.3. On the Site the Content available for your Device may be provided:

5.3.1 as a single package, which enables You to download electronically the latest Content for Your Device;

5.3.2 on a subscription basis, which means that You have the possibility to download electronically all the released updates during the subscription period and install them on Your Device, however, the number of updates released during the update subscription period and their frequency are not guaranteed. Also, it is not guaranteed that each content of a certain package will be updated in all releases.

Please note that not all options are available for every Content provided for Your Device. The options available for your Device are shown after You have chosen your Device and the relevant Product on the Site or within the Toolbox.

5.4. Services are provided on a subscription basis, meaning that you have the right to use such Services for the period defined in the relevant Service description.

5.5. Special terms and conditions applicable to the Products provided on a subscription basis are included in Chapter 15 of these Terms and Conditions. The Agreement for the subscription based Products is concluded for the time period appearing at the relevant Product description or in the absence of such defined period, as long as the Device is operational, unless the Agreement is terminated. Should a Device go wrong, Operator may provide but shall not be obliged to provide recovery back up possibility for the already purchased Products. If recovery back up function is available regarding a Device, You need to create a back up version of the Product according to the instruction of the Operator. 

6. Purchase process

6.1. The purchase process may be initiated by filling out the order form on the Site. Operator is responsible only for the fulfilment of those orders, which were placed on the Site: no phone orders, or orders placed through any other means are accepted.

6.2. Downloading files containing Updates or Content may be required to complete the purchase process initiated on the Site. The files can be downloaded free of charge from the link received after submitting an order on the Site. The User is allowed to defer payment for as long as it is necessary to verify the compatibility of the Content or Updates. However, the User must confirm the order by making a payment on the Site, otherwise the order cannot be processed.

6.3. Certain Site functions may require that the Customer shall be logged in by using their username and password acquired during the User registration process in order to start the purchasing process.

6.4. You agree to provide current, complete, and accurate purchase and account information for all purchases made through the Site. As a User, you have the possibility to correct any typo, erroneous input or outdated information in your User account. Please note that as your e-mail address was used to create your User account it cannot be changed or modified following registration. You agree to promptly update your account and other information, so that we can complete your transactions and contact You as needed in connection with your transactions.

6.5. The delivery of the Content and Updates is made electronically as described in the descriptions of the purchasing processes in Chapter 17. The risk of loss or damage to the Products will pass to You at the moment the Products are delivered into your possession.

7. Price and payment

7.1. Price for purchase transactions on the Site are specified in USD. The price of the Products in the catalogue may also be shown in other currencies as well, according to Customer’s geographic location, however, such prices are only indicative prices that serve only information purposes, and may not be accurate at the time of the order, so the Customer is highly advised to check the amount equivalent to the price of the Product in its own currency.

7.2.  Product prices are subject to change at any time and without notice, but You will always be charged the price which is displayed at the time you confirm your order.

7.3.  For all Customers located outside of Georgia, all prices shown on the Site include VAT, except for the Customers registered as corporate Customers in the European Union and the Operator confirmed and approved their corporate Customer status as set forth in Section 7.5 hereof (hereinafter: “Corporate Customer”).

7.4. Natural person Customers from the European Union are obliged to pay the VAT percentage applicable at the time of confirmation of their order according to the laws and regulations of their domicile. Under penalty of perjury You shall declare your true domicile address in the course of registration. This regulation is in accordance with the relevant EU VAT rules.

7.5. A Corporate Customer from the European Union using a valid EU VAT ID number who wishes to purchase Products exempt of VAT, has the possibility to register as Corporate Customer by filling in the necessary data requested on the Site. Please note that the Operator needs to review and verify the company information before confirming the Corporate Customer status. Before the confirmation of the Operator is received, Customers can only make purchases with VAT paid.

7.6. If You modify any of your data provided at registration as a Corporate Customer, the approval process restarts and the approved Corporate Customer status is suspended until the Operator verifies and approves the new data provided. At the end of the verification process the Operator may either confirm or revoke your Corporate Customer status. In the period of suspension of the Corporate Customer status, You can only make purchases with VAT paid.

7.7. In case of Corporate Customers, the Operator may check EU VAT ID validity at any time and might modify the invoice name to the name stored in the relevant national VAT database.

7.8. The Customer will have an opportunity to review all of the delivery costs that apply to the purchase before the Customer confirms the purchase.

7.9. All orders must be paid through the Payment Processing Service made available by the Operator, which may be a payment page embedded on the Site or a third party payment provider by using your bank card data as detailed in Chapter 17. You will receive a confirmation of your payment after it is processed.

7.10. Products purchased may be subject to import duties or other taxes. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by You; the Operator has no control over these charges. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so You should contact your local customs office for further information. Customer agrees to comply with all applicable international and national laws and regulations in relation to such Products and pay all customs fees, taxes or other government fees to the relevant authorities.

8. Compatibility

8.1. Device model is only supported if the Device manufacturer makes such support available. Device manufacturer may cease to support certain Device models at any time upon manufacturer’s sole discretion. In such case You will not be able to purchase new Products for that Device. You should use original equipment with factory-installed Software and strictly follow the instructions of the Operator to prevent any incompatibility or restriction in support.

8.2. In order to ensure that a Product is compatible with your Device, please refer to the Product description page or contact the Customer Support. In case of using non-genuine or modified Device models, the Operator does not guarantee any compatibility of the Products with the User’s Device.

8.3.  Please note, that in case of certain Updates, Content or Services, additional technical requirements (e.g. external SD card reader, internet capabilities, etc.) may apply, which are described in the detailed description of the referred Products.

8.4.  Each Update has a minimum storage capacity requirement (e.g. USB flash drive, microSD card) which can be found in the detailed description of the referred Product. The availability of the storage device is out of the responsibility of the Operator.

8.5. The description of certain Products may contain a requirement that certain version of other Product(s) has to be installed on the Device for proper operation of the referred Content. It might happen that different versions of Products are available for different Devices due to technical Compatibility issues.

8.6. Compliance with the requirements included in this Chapter 8 must be checked by the User before placing an order. If any of the indicated Compatibility or Device requirements are not met, the Operator will not be responsible, and the Customer shall bear any costs and/or damages arising from ordering a non-compatible Product or Service.

9. Responsibility and Liability of the Parties

9.1. In order to perform its commercial activities, the Operator cooperates with third party partners (such as suppliers of Content or Service, information, hosting and internet connection providers, etc.), therefore the fulfilment of this Agreement may be affected by the fulfilment of such partners as well.

9.2. If the Customer fails to receive the Right within 1 (one) Business Day after making the payment, or the Customer does not receive a valid license key for the purchased Product, such failure should be reported by the Customer to Customer Support via the “Update Instructions” (“Get tech support” section), “Product Description” (“Ask a question” button) or “Contacts” page (as applicable) or by any other contact method listed on the “Contacts” page of the Site.

9.3. The Customer shall take all necessary precautions before installing any Product, and follow the instructions on Product download, licensing and installation process specified on the Product description page or in the Section 18/6 of these Terms and Conditions. The Operator shall not be liable for any loss of data or damage in any hardware or software stored or operated on the Device of the Customer arising from installing the Product.

10. Rescission from the Agreement

10.1. The Customer is entitled to rescind the Agreement and request a refund:

10.1.1. if the Operator fails to provide a download Right for the Customer for the purchased Update within 5 (five) Business Days from the date of payment, 

10.1.2. if the Operator fails to ship the purchased Product (Device or another item) to the Customer within 14 (fourteen) Business Days from the date of payment, 

10.1.3. if the ordered and paid Product is not compatible with the Customer’s Device provided that the Customer has verified the compliance of the Device and the Product as described in Chapter 8.

10.2. Customer should use the contact form on the “Contacts” page or any other contact method listed on the “Contacts” page of the Site to notify the Operator of the rescission and to ask for a refund. If the above listed conditions of refund are met, the Operator will confirm the rescission via e-mail and shall make the refund within 14 (fourteen) Business Days.

10.3. The Operator is entitled to rescind the Agreement at any time if the Customer fails to fulfill its payment obligation within 5 (five) Business Days from the date of the order. This shall be applied also to the event when online payment fails for any reason (especially, but not exclusively for the following reasons: interruption initiated by the User, lack of funds, or for any other reasons when the bank refuses the online payment transaction, or a technical error occurs). In the event that the Customer does not fulfill its payment obligation at the latest within 10 (ten) Business Days from the conclusion of the Agreement, the order of the Customer is cancelled and therefore, the Agreement is automatically terminated without any further notice to the Customer.

10.4. Rescission renders the Agreement terminated with retroactive effect to the date of becoming effective.

11. Loss of right of withdrawal

11.1. Since the Update is provided as a digital content and performed electronically, You explicitly grant your consent that the Operator may fulfill Agreement and provide you with the downloadable Product immediately after (i) entering into the Agreement and (ii) paying the fee pursuant to Agreement. You acknowledge that by getting the right to download or get access to the Product before the end of the fourteen (14) day period for withdrawal, You lose the right to withdraw from the Agreement within the fourteen (14) days period after entering into the Agreement. This applies to Corporate Customers as well.

12. Warranty for Defects and Product Liability

12.1.  If You are a Consumer, please be informed that based on the applicable law the terms set forth in Appendix 1 of these Terms and Conditions shall be applied to your purchase concerning warranty for defects and product liability.

12.2.  In the event that You intend to exercise your rights in case of warranty or product liability, please notify Customer Support via the “Get tech support” section, using “Ask a question” button or “Contacts” page (as applicable) or by any other contact method listed on the “Contacts” page of the Site.

13. Limitation of Liability

13.1.  The terms of this Chapter apply to the maximum extent permitted by mandatory applicable law. This Chapter is not intended and does not operate to limit our liability to the extent we may be liable to You under law or pursuant to any statutory rights which apply to You.

13.2.  The Operator hereby informs the Customer that although the greatest care was taken in producing the Product, given the nature of the Product and its technical limitations, the Operator and its suppliers do not provide a warranty for the Product being completely error-free, and they are not bound by any obligation whereby the Product obtained by the Customer should be completely error-free.


13.4.  The Operator does not assume any responsibility for damages incurred due to the Product not being applicable for any defined purpose, or due to the error or incompatibility of the Product with any other system, device or product.



Products provided by third parties

The Operator hereby excludes any liability of its own for the Products or information obtained through the Products. The Operator does not warrant the quality, suitability, accuracy, fitness for a specific purpose or territorial coverage or availability of the Product or information. The Operator specifically excludes any and all liability for the suspension or cancellation of a Service by a third party provider, and any damage arising due to cancellation of a Service. Customer acknowledges that the mapping data in Products may contain geographical data and other data.

14. Product License Terms

14.1. If You acquired the Product under the Agreement based on these Terms and Conditions, the order of precedence of licensing terms applicable to such Product is as follows:

14.1.1. any special license terms that may have been supplied with the Product by the Operator – which shall prevail in case of conflicting provisions of the terms referred to in subsection 14.1.2 and 14.1.3 hereunder; and

14.1.2. the end user license agreement pertaining to the navigation software, content and service already in effect and supplied with the Device – which shall prevail in case of conflicting provisions of the terms referred to in subsection 14.1.3 hereunder; and

14.1.3. the license terms set out in the standard end user license agreement of the Operator (“EULA”). The terms “Licensor” and “Software Owner” in the EULA shall equally be interpreted as defining the Operator itself.

14.2. In the event of any conflict between the main text of these Terms and Conditions and the provisions applicable in accordance with Section 14.1, in the contractual relationship between the Operator and the Customer, the provisions of the main text of these Terms and Conditions shall apply.

15. Special Conditions Applicable to Certain Services

15.1 Subscription for Updates

15.1.1. Some Products can be offerer as a long-term service for a subscription fee. In case the Customer subscribes for an Update for a certain period, it provides the Customer with the possibility to access the latest updates for available Devices at any time during that period and to get information. The Operator does not warrant the quality or availability of the Updates and is not liable in case of interruption or discontinuance of the Updates.

15.1.2. Compatibility of the Device must be checked by Customer before proceeding to checkout and payment in accordance with the provisions included in Chapter 8.

15.2 Free Updates

15.2.1. Some Products may offer additional free updates for a pre-defined period counting from the date of purchase. In such cases, these updates are provided by the Operator ‘as is’, and the Customer should manually check if there is a new update released during the pre-defined period. Customer should use the contact form on the “Contacts” page or any other contact method listed on the “Contacts” page of the Site to notify the Operator about the intention to install the update. The Operator does not guarantee neither the frequency nor the minimal number of such additional free updates during the pre-defined period. The Operator retains the right to cancel or change the availability of the free updates without prior notice.

15.2.2. In case of subscription services the price to be paid for the service contains all costs for the entire period of the subscription.

16. Purchase Process for Downloadable Products

16.1 Selecting Product(s)

To order any Product, Customer should select the desired item and fill out the order form by clicking “Buy Now” button. Additional available options (like subscription options), bundles of Products and Coupon Codes might be offered by the Operator. Customer can choose to add additional items to the selected items, or decide to continue the checkout process without making any change.

If Customer has a Coupon Code, the Customer selects "Activate coupon" option, enters the code and presses the relevant button. The Site verifies the eligibility and validity of the Coupon Code and updates the price on the product page with the discount applied.

16.2 Checkout and Payment

The payment of the ordered Products takes place after sending the order. Operator organizes the payment via the internet with the participation of a third party payment processors. After filling the order form and clicking “Proceed with Payment” button, You will be redirected to the Payment Processing Service.

By initiating the payment procedure, You agree to pay to the Operator, through the third party payment processor at the prices then in effect.

The processing of payments will be subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the third party payment processor in addition to these Terms and Conditions. Operator shall not be responsible for any error by or occurring at the third party payment processor.

The Customer shall provide their personal data needed for payment through the payment page that is operated by the third party payment processor. The Operator does not receive, have access to, store, process or handle any bank data or cardholder data and will be informed only about the successful or unsuccessful payment by the financial institution arranging the transaction.

On the basis of the approved financial fulfilment and the invoicing data given by the Customer, Operator will issue an electronic invoice about which the Customer will be informed on the Site and/or via e-mail by a confirmation message.

Payment is considered to be fulfilled if the amount is irrevocably credited to the bank account of the Operator. The Operator confirms the receipt of the order and the payment without delay by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address of the Customer.

16.3. Delivery through Electronic Download

As soon as payment is successfully done the User gets the Right and, being redirected to the instructions page (where applicable), can download the purchased Product and request for a license key.

The Operator hereby undertakes that after the payment is fulfilled it will make the Right available for download not later than within 1 (one) Business Day at the Site or by sending a message to Customer’s e-mail address. Making the Right available for download shall be considered commencement of the fulfilment of the Agreement.

The Customer is entitled to use their Right to download the files and get a license key after purchasing the Right.

The process for using the Right is as follows:

  1. Customer downloads the files from the links provided in the update instructions
  2. Customer connects the required data carrier (such as USB flash drive or SD card in case of car navigation Devices) to the PC/MacOS based computer
  3. Customer copies the update files to the data carrier according to the instructions provided by the Operator
  4. If data carrier is used, the Customer shall insert the data carrier to the head unit of the car and make sure the update is recognized.
  5. When the Customer confirms readiness to install the purchased Product, the Operator shall provide a license key required to install the Product.
  6. Customer enters the activation key provided by the Operator and then the purchased Product shall be installed on the car navigation Device in accordance with further instructions (if any).

The license key may only be used for one Device and may not be moved or copied to another Device one the license is issued. The license key is obtained from third-party partners of the Operator. The Operator is not directly responsible for delays caused by the fault of the Operator's third party suppliers.

17. Customer Support

18.1. Customers may request customer support for their Product purchases made on the Site or through the Toolbox. Customer Support is provided for Customers via web interfaces.

18.2. Please visit the “Product Description” or “Update Instructions” or “Contacts” page (as applicable) of the Site for more information about Customer Support options. The Site provides You with answers to some frequently asked questions.

18.3. Should You have any complaint concerning your order or your purchase, please contact Customer Support via the “Update Instructions” (“Get tech support” section), “Product Description” (“Ask a question” button) or “Contacts” page (as applicable) or by any other contact method listed on the “Contacts” page of the Site or You can send us your complaint addressed to Customer Support to the e-mail address of Operator set forth in Chapter 2, who will examine your complaint and revert back to You within 30 (thirty) days at the latest. If your complaint is rejected, the Operator shall provide the reason for the rejection.

19. Miscellaneous

19.1. This Agreement is to be governed by the laws of Georgia.

19.2. The courts of Georgia shall have jurisdiction over all disputes related to the Agreement.

19.3. If the Customer is a Consumer, the above choice of law and choice of venue shall not have the result of depriving the Consumer of the protection afforded to them by provisions (including any provision regulating the court having jurisdiction) that cannot be derogated from by agreement by virtue of the law which, in the absence of choice, would have been applicable.

19.4. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods is hereby excluded from application to the Agreement.

19.5. This Agreement is prepared originally in English language version.

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