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New 2022 updates arrival

We are happy to announce that there are new EU updates for the following systems have been released! 2022 EU map updates Lexus Navigation GEN10 / Toyota…

New fall map updates for Toyota Touch 2

We are happy to announce that another map and software update have been released for the Toyota Touch 2 family: Toyota Touch 2 13CY/16CY — Europe 2022 v2 update,…

New spring map updates for Toyota Lexus

We are pleased to announce that regular map and software updates have been released for the following systems: Toyota Touch 1 11CY — 2022 v1 update, versions…

2021 Updates Summary

Below you will find a table describing the general situation with map releases for different generations of navigation systems: what updates are currently relevant,…

New 2021 updates are now available

We are happy to announce that there are new EU updates for the following systems have been released! 2021 EU map updates Lexus Navigation GEN10 / Toyota…

Toyota Touch 2 2020 v2 update available

A brand new update for Toyota Touch 2 systems is now available, providing you with more-accurate routing and a more enjoyable navigation experience. Version:…

Lockdown 2020 sale

Starting from April 5th and to the end of global lockdown, everyone gets an additional $10 discount on any map update services.

All the new 2019 maps are finally gathered

We are pleased to announce that all the latest updates for Toyota and Lexus navigation systems were released in April and May 2019 and received by us.  2015+…

Toyota Touch 2018 update is out (2018 v1)

A new software update for Toyota Touch 1/2 systems is now available! With this new update you can know that you have the latest information available for your Toyota…

Toyota-Lexus map update 2017-2018 v2

Great news! The brand new map update for Toyota and Lexus navigation systems has been released recently. The version 2017-2018 v.2 comes with a coverage for the…


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