We are happy to announce that another map and software update have been released for the Toyota Touch 2 family:

Toyota Touch 2 13CY/16CY — Europe 2022 v2 update, versions 6.20.0L and 6.20.0H

About 15% of the road network changes every year and HERE Technologies, Toyota’s map supplier, does the same to keep the map update as accurate as possible.

From the last map update (with 2021.Q3 data) to the current map update (with 2022.Q1 data), HERE Technologies has added or modified the following key changes:

For accurate guidance:

  • + 1,007,263 street names + 106,037 intersections
  • + 155,270 one-way roads

For safe travel:

  • + 324,580 km of roads
  • + 6,017,664 speed limits + 71,902 turn restrictions

For convenience:

  • + 124,664 signpost information + 544,234 Points of Interest

More information about how much the map changes over time (Map Change Viewer):