The new map release 2018-2019 v2 for Toyota and Lexus is coming in October. And right before that we have to offer you something special. We launch a 20% off sale for all current updates (2018-2019 v1). Don't miss your chance to get updated for as low as 79 USD!

Also we have lowered the price for GEN8/9 MicroSD updates to a minimum and the price will be kept even after the sale is gone.

2015+ Toyota & Lexus GEN8/9 MicroSD Update — 79 USD 119 USD

2014+ Lexus GEN8/9 USB Map Update — 79 USD 99 USD

2012+ Toyota & Lexus GEN7 Map Update — 79 USD 99 USD

2011+ Toyota Touch / Touch 2 Map Update — 79 USD 99 USD

The sale period has been extended to October 27!