We'd like to inform our clients that there are software issues observed on some Lexus models with external navigation units (Lexus Navigation 13CY / 15CY).

The problem is that the navigation system doesn't allow you to update map data, while works as supposed in any other aspects. The system simply doesn’t respond when there is an update on the drive, making it impossible to install any software update.

Lexus issued a technical service bulletin to address this problem. Currently Lexus inspects vehicles for recalled defects and change the navigation unit for a new one at no charge.

How to determine the defective navigation unit

Sometimes a defective unit can be identified by the map data version and the device ID.

  1. Map version is 02-36-50 or 02-37-01. These units are most likely non-updatable.

  2. Data update ID contains more than 16 characters. Actually it could be 4 characters longer (not 16, but 20) and this indicates that this unit is defective.