Toyota & Lexus GEN7 USB Map Update (2012 - 2015)

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Toyota & Lexus navigation GEN7 (11HDD) with HDD

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We offer a map update for your Toyota or Lexus with the 7th generation navigation systems: GEN7 (11HDD / Toyota Touch Pro / EMVN) with navigation data on HDD.

List of compatible vehicles:

  • Toyota with GEN7: Avalon (2013-2014), Camry (2012-2014), Land Cruiser 200 (2012-2014), Prius (2012-2015), RAV4 (2012-2014), Sequoia (2012-2013), Venza (2012-2014).
  • Lexus with GEN7: CT200H (2013), ES (2013-2014), GS (2013-2014), IS (2013-2014), LS (2013-2014), LX (2013-2015), RX (2013-2015).

Map updates are compatible only with models sold in Europe and CIS. Currently we don't have maps for Toyota and Lexus models sold in the USA.

All updates come with an activation code, an instruction manual, and a map data which should be extracted to your USB stick.

Map data version: EU 2018-2019 v2 (released October 2018, map data: May 2018).

Map coverage: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Andorra, Monaco, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, San Marino, Vatican, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Don't worry, we'll try to help you according to the steps of the instructions manual. If the code really doesn't work (what's almost unreal), you'll get a full refund after approval.

USB update

In order to obtain a map update for your Toyota or Lexus you have to prepare a 64GB USB stick, download the update (we'll send you the link right after the payment) and extract the data to it according to our instruction manual. Tell us your map update ID which your can find on Map Data screen so we could prepare an activation code for you. We can ask your car's VIN as well.

Next you’ll have to put the flash drive into your car’s USB port and wait till the update dialog is shown asking you wherever to start the update. Then you’ll be asked for an activation code. Enter it and wait till the update is finished. The process takes up to 90 minutes (for EU maps).


Yesterday at 15:40

This looked like a legitimate map delivery service option but, we used the quick order link when it was $79- and have still not been contacted, now it has gone up - wondering why the delay and if this is a way to gain personal and car data and hold off payments till you can charge more.


18 march 2019, 18:33

THe Info is Map Version 02-14-01 [2013.10-]
Map update ID 1103-1810-1811 -9694
is this Ver 7 and do you have it


17 march 2019, 16:57

If I update do I lose any of the functions I e voice control

ToyotaMAPS Online

Hello Robert!
No, you won't lose any functions or settings, this is an official update.


16 march 2019, 20:47

I have a 2014 64 reg gs450 h not sure of the gen but would like to update the sat Nav do you have it

ToyotaMAPS Online

Robert, most likely it's GEN7 11HDD. Please fill out the order form and we'll contact you shortly.


16 march 2019, 17:53

Hello, could you please contact me by mail to tell me if the
JTH KD5 BH0 027 8052
Lexus CT200H (first exploited in 2012)
is comptatible with one of your maps upgrade (our old maps version data 2011-2012 v1)
thanks for your answer (we are waiting for your answer to buy your package)

ToyotaMAPS Online

Most likely, you have a 2011 model year. This model is equipped with the 6th generation navigation system (GEN6 08HDD). To upgrade, you will need to replace the hard drive (see the equipment section).


12 march 2019, 16:11

hi can i get a map for southern africa on toyota v8 200 series

ToyotaMAPS Online

No, we don't have maps of Africa.


08 march 2019, 07:11

I have 2013 Prius Plug-in Base with entune apps. What USA navigation maps update is availible for my car?

ToyotaMAPS Online

Max, thank you for your request. We don't provide updates for Toyota Entune at the moment.


05 march 2019, 19:09

"In order to obtain a map update for your Toyota or Lexus you have to prepare a 64GB USB stick"

is 64GB USB stick really needed, is 16GB not enough?

ToyotaMAPS Online

Hello, Murat. For EU maps a 64 GB flash drive is required (update size is approx. 33 GB).


05 march 2019, 19:01


the GEN7 USB is the same as Gen 7 / 8 ( 11HDD ) ?

ToyotaMAPS Online

The 7th and 8th generations are totally different. Please name you car make and model, we'll let you know which generation your unit is.


28 february 2019, 10:42

Hi, do you have map for Asia/Singapore? thanks

ToyotaMAPS Online

Hello! No, we don't have Asian maps at the moment.

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