Toyota GEN5 TNS350 SD Update (2011 - 2016)

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Toyota TNS350 SD update

Part number: PW675-00A28 (Toyota), PW675-00A34 (Lexus)

75 USD  210 USD
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You can Try Before You Buy: we accept cancellation of payment on PayPal so that you just can receive the instructions (if any available).

Here you can buy the latest map update for your Toyota TNS 350 factory-installed SD card-based navigation system, a 2nd generation to the TNS 510.

List of compatible vehicles:

  • Toyota Auris (2011-2014)
  • Toyota Corolla (2011-)
  • Toyota Hilux (2011-2016)
  • Toyota IQ
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 150
  • Toyota Prius (2011)
  • Toyota RAV4 (2011-2014)
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser
  • Toyota Verso
  • Toyota Yaris

This map update is only compatible with models sold in Europe and CIS.

All updates come with a license code, instruction manual, and a map data which should be extracted to your SD card.

Map data version:

EU maps EU 2019-2020 v1 (released May 2019, map data: 2018Q3).

Map coverage: Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Liechtenstein, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland,
Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Vatican City.

Don't worry, we'll try to help you according to the steps of the instructions manual. If you can't prepare the files required for the update, we can help you remotely by connecting to your desktop via TeamViewer or we may offer you a ready media with shipment to your door or local post office. If your new license key file doesn't work, there's a problem with a wrong map version and you should check the link you received. If you picked up the wrong update (e.g. if you need US maps) and paid for it, you'll get a full refund after approval. If you have any questions during the update, please don't hesitate to ask us. For a faster response, send a message to our WhatsApp.

SD update

Please note that you don't need to have a factory-installed card in order to install this update. You'll need to prepare an empty 16 GB SD card, download the update and complete the steps according to our instruction manual. We will provide you with detailed instructions before payment so that you can make a decision whether to buy a downloadable update or buy a ready-made SD card.


18 january 2024, 21:24

bonjour je possède une toyota iq de 2014 le gps tns350 ne fonctionne plus message d erreur (A program cannot be read please consult to a dealer) mais je ne possède plus la carte sd
auriez-vous une solution


02 february 2022, 23:23

hello my tns350 car radio tells me this when I turn it on (a program cannot be read please consult to a dealer) do you have the solution?


11 june 2020, 10:38

I'm a UK customer will this be applicable for me the price is in us dollars

ToyotaMAPS Online

Hello Adam,
We plan to introduce multicurrency a bit later this year. Currently, you can pay in any currency as PayPal will automatically convert it. At the moment $75 is approx £60.

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