Toyota Lexus GEN6 HDD Replacement Instructions

1. Remove the head unit and disconnect all the cables

2. Remove the mounting brackets if necessary

3. On the back side of the head unit, find the metal hatch secured with one or two screws and remove it

4. Pull out the carrier tray holding the hard drive

5. Remove 4 screws and replace the hard drive with the one you’ve received

6. Make sure the hard drive is positioned correctly when mounting it on the tray

7. Insert the hard drive tray back into the head unit and install the metal hatch

8. Put the head unit back with all cables connected. Start the car, test the navigation and other functions. Set the desired language in the General menu.


  1. On Lexus RX and Lexus CT models, the hard drive is located in a separate box (main unit) located behind the radio and gearbox selector.


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